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Mr Bumble Beekeeping was established in 1993. We now manage 150 families of honeybees, which live in our hives, all of which are located in Kent. With this many bees collecting nectar and pollen from the flowers and plants of our county, we have a very great deal of delicious honey. All our honey we sell under our own label. We only sell honey from our own families of bees, we never obtain honey from other beekeepers or suppliers to fill our jars. For further information about where to buy Mr Bumble's honey, click here.

Our bees work extremely hard in a challenging environment, flying incredible distances to collect nectar which they transform into honey back at the hive. Along the way they distribute pollen between flowers, thus performing a vital function in the production of fruit. So skilled are they at performing this task, farmers and fruit growers hire our hives of honey bees at pollination time. We provide hives through the National Pollination Scheme

In the old days, domestic beehives were made by hollowing out logs, making boxes or making skeps (traditional straw beehive). None of the hives contained frames of comb, instead, the bees built their own comb as they would in a wild nest. The bees would be killed to enable the collection of honey and hive products such as beeswax. Only in the mid-19th century did beekeepers start adopting the idea of a hive with removable frames. This followed the discovery that honey bees could be persuaded to build their comb on frames as long as the spacing was similar to that of a wild nest and the frames were provided with a beeswax starter strip for the bees to start their comb from. It was by no means a sudden changeover, it took a long time with devotees both of the old and the new style, but nowadays the concept of the removable frame hive is more or less universal.